Overnight In The World's Cheapest Hotel

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  • What wrong with the subtitle

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  • When your an equestrian and you hear about the dead horse carcass and he is joking about it like 🙌🏻😭

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  • Jesus loves you all

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  • Totally wasn’t like you had a CARDBOARD BOX that you could LIGHT ON FIRE 🔥 🤦‍♂️

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  • the house 1$ the bedroom and all is like 100$ mannn

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  • Bruh you can you just use the paper bag to get fire

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  • Mans out here playing fortnite in the desert and doesn’t even have 7.674 billion subscribers yet cmon

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  • there not charging a enough for this hotel the room is huge

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  • Rip headphone users 1:11

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  • I got a holtel for free and it looked like a mansion so you wrong

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  • atemting to lingt a fire

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  • 4:30 IDea for fire: Use the lighter as the fire

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  • That's the biggest hotel room I've ever seen!

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  • bruh you spelt the like this hgt

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  • when he said don't worry it's only 4 degrees i said wth that's like 6 times colder than my sisters room and i thought my sisters room was cold

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  • Did you notice he did not even have to pay anything to get there besides gas

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  • The hotel is earth

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  • Ryan- The nearest hospital is 6 hours away Ryan- *laughs* Me- Yeah that is funny

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  • What is this place he is doing the challenge it looks so cool, does anyone know what it is

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  • Atleast you got a bed

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  • That is Insane I won't even do that that is so scary and that wolf and died house sorry if my spelling is so bad

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  • How you survived this bed is not hotel

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  • If you had a generator why didn't you bring a heater

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  • This is litteraly minecraft

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  • İt cost 100₺ in Turkey

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  • Tip when it’s cold don’t go to bed covered with clothes it makes it harder for your body warmth to,spread go with as few close as possible so your body warmth and spread easy

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  • What if it's raining?

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  • The worlds cheapest hotel is ur house

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  • I was in a hotel with my dayum mom and I heard moans. Turns out the neighbor of my room was having se*

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  • 0:54 I’m pretty sure that’s not a wolf

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  • Does he live in Colorado or just visiting

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  • This Poor dude was most definitely not a Boy Scout-

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  • those are the longest walls i have ever seen in my life

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  • “there are no trees out here” yet there is a tree right behind him

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  • Don’t worry it’s only 4° he said.. me: HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAAAAAAAAAAAAD

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  • Wolf: kills horse*.. fox: wolf is sus.. wolf: gets voted out * wolf was the imposter

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  • I mean the nice thing to me is when u wake up and feel like ur in a magical place and the sunset is so pretty

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